Rethinking Employee Rewards & Recognition

A better alternative to employee rewards schemes, programmes & software.

Your Dad or Grandad (depending on how old you are) probably loved the gold clock he got for working 25 years at the same company, but those days are gone.

This generation want instant and meaningful recognition.

They require creative employee rewards schemes that reflect the social media world they inhabit.

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Get 'Social'

A subtle shift in thinking can make all the difference.

Instead of figuring out how to create a generic employee rewards scheme that appeals to your large number of individuals put reward and recognition into your employees’ hands by empowering them to reward and recognise each other with creative and relevant rewards which are personalised.

Making it easy by providing the employee rewards and employee recognition software that reflects the social media world they live in.


Meaningful Employee Rewards

Many companies such as Facebook, Google as well as countless start-ups are offering incredible perks like uncapped holiday allowance, pet friendly offices & concierge services.

However, if you’re not ready or in a position to go that far, there’s an alternative to employee rewards programmes besides trying to compensate with high street vouchers and discounted cinema tickets.

Allowing employees to design what is meaningful to them, like an early finish, time to volunteer at their chosen charity or a better parking spot is a far more meaningful & relevant to the individual and simple to facilitate.

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Recognise AND Reward Employees

More than any employee rewards scheme, staff today want to see the difference they make in the organisation and be recognised for it.

Gallup studied over 80,000 employees and found that 82% of them said that recognition motivates them to improve their performance.

Focussing on giving employees the reward and recognition systems to recognise each other transforms your reward schemes to a genuine culture of meaningful appreciation where people feel more engaged and valued.

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