Employee Recognition for Small Businesses

Every company, regardless of size, scale or industry wants to get the very best out of its people. When people work hard, it logically follows that output and results increase.

By: Paul Heaton on

The idea of achieving that through recognition is not new, but with so many reward and recognition solutions out there, and all the bells and whistles attached, it can seem quite daunting for smaller business to adopt. Coupled with some leadership resistance to new and emerging social platforms – a simple solution is sometimes the best.

The key to engaging people through recognition can be as simple as saying thanks, and that’s when words really matter. If only there was a magic solution that made it easy for people to say thank you, well done and make people feel appreciated in a fun and engaging way whilst providing some business insight and evidence that this is going on?

Well guess what - there is… there wasn’t one, so we developed it.

Instant, Genuine & Easy

Fanmail is our new entry level recognition tool designed to give every business, no matter how small, the ability to instantly recognise each other and collect and view all the good vibes without breaking the bank or sending your IT or data security people into a spasm.

From as little as £299 per month everyone in your business can send instant recognition and appreciation to anyone in your business. It can be customised to fit your company brand and language and can even integrate your behaviours or values. There’s even a great looking recognition dashboard ensuring you capture all the great information around your recognition culture – you can even download the recognitions and use them towards your employee of the month or annual awards.

Check it out here for more information and send a FREE Fanmail on us to try it out for yourself