Culture Crush #1 - Facebook

Having an office crush is complicated. Should you stay quiet and just admire from afar or go for it and declare your admiration? It’s no different for us at Fanclub, we have harboured secret crushes for years. Being an engagement company, the object of our affections are organisations who have great cultures.

By: Sinead Healy on

As it’s Valentine’s Day this week we’re going to bare all and go public with our Top 3 Culture Crushes.

Culture Crush #1

Let’s start with our guilty crush…

Facebook Logo

We know Facebook can be a bit marmite as a social app, but from a company culture perspective they’re doing some good stuff.

Why we have a crush

Facebook has created spaces (outdoor roaming spaces, conference rooms & separate buildings) & encouraged Management to use it, in an attempt to flatten the hierarchy and use the physical space to promote a sense of equality.

What’s good about it?

The more organisations can do to bring Leaders of the organisation closer to the workers the better! Communication is clearer and less diluted, innovation can happen quicker and more frequently, and more introverted members of the team can get the exposure they need to be seen and heard.

When being physically closer to each other isn’t possible, peer to peer recognition is a great tool to bring leaders closer to workers, particularly if that peer to peer recognition is transparent and available to scroll on an app (reading all the good stuff going on in your company beats reading what someone had for their dinner).

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How does your organisation encourage Leaders to mix with front line workers?

Does your physical environment support a flat hierarchy? We’re always happy to have a new crush, let us know in the comments