Holiday Recognition Postcards

It’s that time of year where colleagues fall into two camps those who are taking a vacation this summer (and have been counting down since May) and those who are staying behind to pick up the workload. 

By: Sinead Healy on

If you’re lucky enough to be enjoying the heatwave outside of the office bear in mind that however productive you are the day before your 2-week holiday there is always something that a colleague will need to keep an eye on for you.  Be that your team, a project or a deadline. 

So, before you switch on your out of office, it is definitely worth saying a thank you in advance for all the extra work your colleagues will need to pick up.  Sure, a bag of local delicacy sweets from wherever you’ve been will go down well on your return.  But actually, taking a minute to appreciate that others will pick up some level of responsibility or workload will go a long way.

We’ve created some fun, downloadable postcards you can post on internal and external social channels and tag a colleague or if your old-school print-out and stick on their desk. 

Help yourself and Happy Holidays!