Making Employee Rewards Personal

Hear how Fanclub is turning Reward on it’s head by delievering personalised perks that go hand in hand with employee recognition. Many company recognition programmes consist of a selection of gift vouchers or wine and chocolate…

By: Sinead Healy on

Making Employee Rewards Personal

What’s the best way to reward top performance?

A £50 high street voucher

A bottle of wine

A day off work

Answer is……. it depends

Many company recognition programmes consist of a selection of gift vouchers or wine and chocolate. Whilst a £50 voucher may be useful to someone there are more thoughtful, personal and effective ways to reward and motivate your employees.

Making recognition instant, social and frequent is what people are really looking for from their companies. Once you’ve brought your recognition programme into the 21st century how do you ensure your reward is current?   The fastest and easiest way is to ask your employees what type of reward works for them and personalise.

Fanclub’s Perks feature asks each person to determine and make public the top 3 rewards they would most like to receive.  For some that’s an early finish as they want to beat the traffic, for others it’s time to focus on their charitable endeavours, for some it might be getting a great parking spot or choosing the office tunes for the day.

Man sleeping in using his Fanclub Perks Late StartMan holding phone

These perks are highly individual and can be changed as and when the employee’s preference changes. Most importantly, the individual’s Manager can connect with the recognition and award one their shortlisted Perks when they see something great.

And boom….. a lovely thank you and a gift that you’d actually want from one colleague to another.

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