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Recognise, engage & motivate your Call Centre Staff

Our ‘on the spot’ recognition tools motivate and engage the Agents who talk to your customers every day

Customer Voice

Giving your customers the opportunity to recognise your Call Centre employees doesn’t just motivate, it adds real meaning to the Advisor Role.

Capturing the customer voice and delivering it straight your motivated Call Centre staff, inspires customer focussed behaviour and increases customer satisfaction.

Recognition increases overall customer satisfaction

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Retain your talent

Keeping talented people can be a Contact Centre environment’s biggest colleague engagement challenge.

Call centre staff burnout and flight risk poses a real cost to your organisation.

Recognising and rewarding great people is a staple of employee engagement and call centre staff motivation.

Fanclub increased employee retention by 3.5% within a few months

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Increase Quality

As Call Centres become more regulated and competition is fiercer, the strive for improvement needs to be balanced with the tools, mind-set and motivation to catch Contact Centre staff doing things right.

By recognising great quality when you see it showcases these behaviours to the rest of your business, encouraging the right behaviours which in turn motivates call centre staff.

Fanclub increased QA Scores by 6% within a few months

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Bring your Values to life

Values are more than statements written on the wall, real-time recognition shows how your Call Centre Employees are living them.

Showing how some of your company values are brought to life can be a challenge in a Call Centre environment where the role is predominantly customer focussed.

Showcasing when & how colleagues have demonstrated the range of your values leads the way for others to follow.

Motivate your Contact Centre Staff

Motivating your Call Centre employees is an on-going effort, which can often be led top down with managers devising schemes, games and incentives.

Social employee recognition empowers Contact Centre Agents to spot great work as it happens and appreciate each other instantly, using their well-honed social skills.

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Increase Collaboration

Connecting your Call Centre with the wider business and building relationships with the departments that support or rely on it is critical for improving the customer journey.

Using recognition to strengthen those relationships on line, allows people to build relationships off line.

Creating greater visibility of all the great work the Contact Centre does builds a collaborative environment based on mutual respect.

Learn how Fanclub increased collaboration within a few months

Improve Leadership Visibility

Leaders who are visible, connected and focus on Call Centre Employees strengths are the backbone of an engaged & motivated Contact Centre.

However in touch they are, they can’t see & hear all the great work that happens in each customer interaction.

Making recognition social surfaces unsung heroes and allows Leaders to add their appreciation & connect with Call Centre Employees wherever their location.

Hear how Fanclub helps Directors connect with the frontline in this short video.